In 1975, 28 students began the acting course at Australia’s foremost actor-training school, the National Institute of Dramatic Art, which was then located at High St Kensington in Sydney Australia. They worked days, nights and often weekends on nothing but their acting skills. The group, bonded by a collective experience that included constant criticism, were selected from 100s of auditionees from all over Australia. At the end of each year of their 3 years of training, students were either asked to attend the following year or informed that they were not invited back. 15 remained in 1977.

In the 52-minute documentary entitled actingclassof1977.com, a former member of the Acting Class of 1977 accesses a fictitious website to revisit the past to make sense of the present. The film fuses animation, archive and interview to reveal the challenges this group of closely bonded students experienced during their 3 years. It sheds light on the industry the group entered and looks at where they are now.